Click to enlargeMake Your Own Japanese Clothes

No buttons, no darts, no zippers. Classic elegance, easy fit.

Using your own body measurements, here's a book on how to construct 14 traditional Japanese garments, from kimono to hapi coat to tabi, the Japanese slipper socks.

Full instructions with ideas for modern variations on these timeless and elegant designs, in the dojo, or On The Street. Also invaluable for anime cosplay costumes. Does not have hakama or kataginu (the samurai batwing vest) beloved by anime cosplayers. For these and printed patterns of the designs contained in the book (and more!) see our Patterns section.

Book contains a section on basic elements including:
  • Japanese Tools and Stitches

  • Making the Patterns from drawings in the book

  • Paddings and linings

  • Sleeves (different for men and women and young girls)

  • Hems and collars
And a wide selection of garments including:
  • Kimono (lined or unlined)

  • An Outer Robe usable for wedding dress

  • Haori and hanten jackets

  • Vests and wraparound tops

  • Slacks, obi sashes and tabi socks
      . . . plus care, storage, metric conversion charts and index. There is a list of recommended books for further reading and an extensive list of supply sources for fabrics, dyes, Japanese sewing tools and notions (although many of these are now out of business).

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