Click to enlargeConquering Concussion

by Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D, and C. M. Shifflett

Time alone does not heal the brain. Even “mild” injuries can contribute to serious life challenges such as AD(H)D, depression, fog and fatigue, mysterious headaches and body pain, emotional swings, sleep problems, weight gain, crippling anxiety and PTSD.

Despite their struggles, victims of head injury are often dismissed as “lazy” or “failing to live up to their potential,” adding to confusion and self-doubt. Many do not remember injuries (especially from childhood) or if they do, assume that because they don’t remember losing consciousness, the injury “doesn’t count.”

Learn what actually happens in concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Learn about new therapies and research that have helped children and adults, athletes and war veterans get their lives back, years or decades after the original injury.

Written in plain language with clear graphics and detailed case histories.

  • Part 1 A review of head injuries in history, from Henry VIII to Elvis Presley. What happens in concussion, the many symptoms that may appear, and the possibilities and limitations of standard testing.

  • Part 2 The origins, supporting research, and results of neurofeedback. Case histories of children, adults, and soldiers with memory problems, severe headache, insomnia and PTSD. Medical issues which may need attention before healing can occur, and how to avoid injury in the first place.

  • Part 3 The rest of the story: what happened to people who never expected to work or function normally ever again. How they regained their skills, their jobs, their families, their lives.

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Conquering Concussion by Mary Lee Esty

Conquering Concussion

by Mary Lee Esty

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